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Training workshops for independent schools

Jules Murray, Director of School Training Workshops has coached, trained and mentored over 3,000 customer-facing employees and their sales leaders to enable them to achieve sustainable increases in their customer satisfaction and ultimately sales conversion results.

Jules Murray of ‘Spider on the Wall’ has conducted several training sessions for Taaleem. She has had a tremendous effect on our front line communication personnel and has enabled Taaleem to significantly raise the bar of customer service. We will certainly be engaging her company on a long-term basis to increase our levels of service. After the courses the staff that attended them came back full of ideas and enthusiasm. Also they felt valued and were greatly impressed with the content of the course, its empathetic and fun delivery and more importantly with a realization of how they can make a real difference to the organization.

Clive Pierrepont
Director of Communications Taaleem

Workshop: How to Market your School

Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying
needs profitably.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

How does your school currently view marketing?

One more onerous task imposed on administrators? A distasteful activity which is not relevant to educating children? Or does it consider a marketing program essential to creating a viable and successful educational establishment?

School marketing is applying the principals of integrated marketing used successfully in business to the increasingly competitive environment of Independent primary and secondary education.

This one day workshop includes:

  • What is Marketing and Why it matters?
  • Internal & External Marketing
  • Building a winning marketing program
  • Goal objectives, strategies and tactics
  • SMART goals
  • SWOT analysis of your school
  • 7 P’s
  • Being different makes a difference
  • Reaching out to new parents
  • Effective Communication
  • Websites and Electronic Communication
  • The importance of First impressions
  • Hows your Customer Service?