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Training workshops for independent schools

Jules Murray, Director of School Training Workshops has coached, trained and mentored over 3,000 customer-facing employees and their sales leaders to enable them to achieve sustainable increases in their customer satisfaction and ultimately sales conversion results.

Jules Murray of ‘Spider on the Wall’ has conducted several training sessions for Taaleem. She has had a tremendous effect on our front line communication personnel and has enabled Taaleem to significantly raise the bar of customer service. We will certainly be engaging her company on a long-term basis to increase our levels of service. After the courses the staff that attended them came back full of ideas and enthusiasm. Also they felt valued and were greatly impressed with the content of the course, its empathetic and fun delivery and more importantly with a realization of how they can make a real difference to the organization.

Clive Pierrepont
Director of Communications Taaleem

Let's Show Off!

At school we do great things with our young people producing great work, getting involved in fun and thought provoking projects, stretching the limits so that every young person has the opportunity to grow and develop to their fullest potential.

The idea behind this work shop is to show everyone who comes to your school just how great you are as a school by presenting what you do in your displays and in your manner and approach with flair.

We want empty class rooms and open spaces to speak using an intelligent use of materials to create visual vibrancy that takes visitors on an inspirational journey through your school.

The Workshop Agenda

Welcome & opening introduction about the importance of first impressions and how everyone is in marketing.

Part 1 - Three sections:

1) Theme
Using mind mapping techniques we will explore ideas against the clock getting every thought on paper so that we can stand back and see which pathways can lead us to an exciting theme or themes.

2) Plan
Using creative thinking exercises we will break into smaller groups to experience the benefits of stepping outside of our normal thinking patterns and into the minds of our potential parents. A roll of the dice, random words, pictures and objects will take us into the world of design creatives leading us to creating the WOW factor in our visual presentations and tours around the school.

3) Resources
This will be a hands- on practical session exploring what resources are available and how best to optimise them. To implement the necessary change to run the department more efficiently and effectively and in the process to boost the morale and positive attitude of the staff. Also to explore techniques that can send clear messages, inspire and enhance students work so that it stands out from the crowd in class rooms, public spaces and notice boards.

Part 2 - Personal Vibrancy - the people that make it happen

Using our interpersonal skills to create the best impression possible on school tours and every day. In this session we will share the techniques of great influencers and see how we too can make an impact through our body language, voice and in what we say.

Close      Summing up the learning experience